My Inner Monologue is a startup founded by a Ukrainian in Finland. We have already made our donations to support the Ukrainian Army, and we will continue. Ukraine will win with the support of the whole world 🇺🇦
Russia has invaded Ukraine. On 24 Feb, Russia has started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian forces have attacked many Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages, but also they have attacked the values of freedom, development, and peace around the world. The Ukrainian army is fighting back. Ukrainians are strong and united. Now more than ever, the country needs your support. As a mental health startup, it is our duty to help those people in any capacity we can. We pledge to open accounts for every Ukrainian affected free of charge. Find the list of useful resources below. Psychological help for Ukrainians 🇺🇦

My Inner Monologue.

Write your story. Find your meaning.

My Inner Monologue is an AI-powered journal for people, who want to become a better version of themselves, self-reflect, relieve stress, express their deepest thoughts and feelings.

As humans, we are wired to live our lives through the stories we tell ourselves, the roles we play, the way we see people surrounding us.

You don't have to be perfect, you have to be ready to change. We grow and evolve through our narrative arcs. They help us explore who we are and, most importantly, who we could be.

Journaling with My Inner Monologue, you get to meet your true self by diving into different aspects of your personality, analyse, and become the hero you want to be. We provide you with several methods for daily self-reflection through journal entries, mood logs, behaviour analysis tools. My Inner Monologue is a powerful therapy assistance tool, especially fit to help relieve anxiety and deal with panic attacks. Use it to share your daily reflections with your therapist, get feedback and collaborate on your mental wellbeing together to fast-track the therapy process.